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    It's like a couple different fairy tales rolled in to one.  Interesting.

    Thanks for saying! And indeed, for commenting at all. i thought it a rather intriguing dream, too. And every time I poke at it, I get a little bit more of what's going on.

  5. I look forward to posting again. I love this web comic. I ask for forgiveness for my selfish actions of mistakes here. I can only learn and move on. I have been going thru hell myself of depression. This comic as brought out of me more. I want to see were Chris takes us. I just needed to step back and think more. I was not willing to and had be made to do so. I hope this craziness ends soon. So we can get back to things as before. Not normal as Misfile as ended. Only to go on to newer better things than before. Change is never taken good. I miss Ash and Emily very much. And I love learning more about the Misfile Universe with new characters to.

  6. Great Forum Name! Is that how you joined , or did you change it more recently? [Either way NICE!] You've been quiet a long time. Welcome to the State of Insanity.

  7. Apparently, you have to like the ending and donate or else you're an evil person who doesn't deserve to live.

    This board and the people on it have shown me that I don't matter, and I'm the burden on Chris' life and those around me because he wrote an awful ending.

    I'm gone, because no one thinks my life matters and I might as well disappear because I'm just worse than everyone else. See me around the Internet.

    1. Whispers of Sorrow

      Whispers of Sorrow

      That really isn't the case. And if anyone had made any such a claim I'd have shut them down, hard.

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