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  1. I would very much like to thank our esteemed creator for vagueposting about my criticism on his Facebook page so the (mostly cis, mostly male, seemingly mostly straight) commenters can assure him that there is nothing wrong with it, and to say that I am oversensitive baby for criticising him. 🙃


    I think that's enough comic for me.

  2. Anyone else think the need to draw nipples visible through the shirt of the teenage girl was more than a little gratuitous? Feels like Chris' desire for cheesecake is getting worse, given the creepily-situated panty flash (from sister to brother) and Nil's naked butt in the river. But that was something I didn't like about the original comic to begin with. Here it feels more pandering for some reason, even if I know it's just a quirk of his art style.

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