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    Some where on the edge of being gender crazy.
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    Transgender, Auto mechanics, Fast cars, Females, Computers, Electronic, Drawing, Writing about and telling story of my life, Music (Goth, Metal, Classical, Punk Rock, Techno), Scifi, Science (of how the human the brain works, physics, stars, quantum mechanics, particles, biological, and mechanical engineering). And to many more to list.

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I am Intersexed. I was born a normal male it seemed I hit Puberty. Then I started growing breasts and wider hips and looking more and more female. So the doctor's told me I was an XX male. That technically I was a female born with male genitals. So I got talked into trying to live as a female. As I never really felt I was a male I went along with it. It was fun for a time. I went out with a few guys tell one tried to force himself on me. I got raped by him at my Middle School I did not feel was right to have sex even know we had done with me of my own choice before at home. It was great by the way. I felt like real women not just girl after that. If I had not reacted and hit him in the nuts and ran off we could of being seen and found out I was not fully a female so I freak out and he did not stop. After that I decided to go back to living as a male as close I could be. And lived that way tell just a few years ago. So technically I see myself us both genders causes of all that though I identify more siding with the female more than male. And lately I have been on Female HRT once again and was planning on getting my GRS done to become as close as possible to being female. Though the road is not as easy as it was as a child, I have grown very tall and bigger with a more masculine build than I had back then well living in a female. I look like a big female American Football player if we had them. Very wide big shoulders with a girlish figure in between it all. I am very small and my penis doesn't stick out of mine and I am flat between the legs like a girl. I have wide hips round curves and boobs like a girl. Everyone thinks I am just a very masculine looking female and really ought not all that wrong. I wake I thank and think like a girl back to as though I was a male just out of habit of doing so is all. Everyone around me thinks is just a girl trying to act tough like a male and am a Tomboy possibly lesbian most likely a bisexual female. I know I will never be a fully normal weak look cute young girl as I see myself as and act like. My mind is made up that I am a Woman and once I make up my mind I never change it very often. Though out of strict habit I still say I am a male. I prefer she or her or miss used to call me by gender terms. It is the title the defines who and want I am and want to be. Anyone says otherwise gets ignored or if I have to I am not opposed to violence, I just prefer to seek out all other courses of action if I can. I am good at taking damage and dealing it out x1000 back using their own words and power deflected back on them. Knock me down I get back up a 1000 times stronger. This is one Women not to mess with. :P