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  1. I look forward to posting again. I love this web comic. I ask for forgiveness for my selfish actions of mistakes here. I can only learn and move on. I have been going thru hell myself of depression. This comic as brought out of me more. I want to see were Chris takes us. I just needed to step back and think more. I was not willing to and had be made to do so. I hope this craziness ends soon. So we can get back to things as before. Not normal as Misfile as ended. Only to go on to newer better things than before. Change is never taken good. I miss Ash and Emily very much. And I love learning more about the Misfile Universe with new characters to.

  2. I have not said happy new year once yet. I just want to forget 2016 even happened. It started out good and ended up crappy. I hope 2017 gets better. :(

  3. I am not gone they just move my topic and I plan to get back on my Gender one and off this other stuff. http://www.napalmluck.com/index.php?showtopic=5562&page=1

  4. I am not gone they just move my topic and I plan to get back on my Gender one and off this other stuff.

  5. Going a little insane but that is normal for me.

  6. Yaaa! I made 10'000 posts

  7. Thanks Nem for the Misfiles pages on Photo bucket. Still having trouble getting them soon and only in the middle of the next day do I get an update instead at midnight like I used to.

  8. Yes welcome. Come for the fun. Stay for the company. :P

  9. Happy

    1. Anna Rei

      Anna Rei

      Yaaa! I made 10,000 posts

  10. It's a nice place to live. People are very friendly here.

  11. I live in Bremerton across the water for Seattle.

  12. I live in Bremerton straight across the water for Seattle.

  13. No I kind of gave up on it. But I have now. Thanks for the comment. I took the link off my sig. But I plan to put it back on. I think people though you had to be Intersexed to go there. we intended it to be for anyone who wished to talk about I.S. or other transgendered issuses. Thanks it makes me feel better someone finally posted other then me and Revy on there. :)

  14. I would not mind talking more on the messenger I have listed here. I am not much for talking on the phone. I get nervous about doing so for very long. But I got on SSI and SS Disability at the same time. It gives me about $30 more being on both. But takes away a bit more of my food stamps. I live with my mother who is on it to. So that helps alot as we live in a big house own and rented to us

  15. Yeah I have no problem with a bit of help. I have already told a couple people after all that I didn't mind. :P

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