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    inside a faraday cage, running around a double token ring
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    paintball, hockey, my car, my computer, hardware hacking, bending the rules of reality, so that my comuter can stay alive, general guy stuff... I hate writing shit about me

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  1. Whooo, happy birthday!

    The napalm luck calendar is an amazing thing :D

  2. nope, but my great aunt is. I was raised Episcopalian (hell if that is spelled right), and both are baptized protestant

  3. hey man. Are you an Ex-Jehovah's-Witness?

    Am am too. And yeah - the homosexuality thing was one of the major reasons. All of my JW friends were unashamably homophobic.

  4. swoot I found it... trillian (my aim client) is being twitchy

    neway my aim is ryanthetoad5

    and I'm always on

  5. guess its time to get a new aim id. I'm on aim now, just aim numbalum. Aim can be downloaded (even for linux yea!) at http://dashboard.aim.com/aim

  6. booting linux off of CD? The version of linux I've been running has been to big to let me do that for years. BTW, I guess that means that selunix didn't help your security. Are you at least running the firewall? And what kernel are you running? BTW, my aim id is numb_alum. Could you e-mail me yours so we could talk?

  7. What version of linux are you running? I'm running FC 7 on an HP AMD 6 that dual boots into XP.

  8. Guess I learned something today:

    Don't post to the forum during the day, this is when the high schoolers tend to be on.

  9. OK. Just remember I'll listen even if all you need is to blow off some steam.

  10. lol I'm good for now... but thanks for the offer. I'm generally the snarky blow things out of proportion guy

    oh and as a tip, don't post too many things about your personal life here, people tend to look at it in the opposite manner that you intended... I knwo from experience

  11. Do you need someone to talk to? I'm told I'm a good listener.