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  1. (null)

    1. Busted


      What's up with all the "(null)"'s?

  2. Up where they walk... Up where they run... Up where they stay all day in the sunnn...

    1. Busted


      And get sunburnt...and skin cancer...it's part of this world.

  3. What small line of text?


    Oh, my blank profile, no comments small line?

  4. It went mostly good with a hint of great., slept in til 11:15 (Great) I've been shopping (good) and am going out tonight (Great) with my mum (ok) aunt(hmm) and sister(good).

  5. Last night was quite fun, today I got Carvery Dinner at King's Country Restaurant and it was nummy-pants. :)

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  7. So that you can talk to yourself...????

  8. I'm gonna make a million!