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  1. BTW, this thread is sooo much more fun than your Intersexual Talk Forum!

  2. BTW, how do like my picture?

    I find it hard to believe that I'm brave enough to use my actual picture as my avator (lol).


  3. You know your not the only one who as confused issues. As I am not really a MTF or FTM. But a F/MTF and I am finding out more and more I will aways be stuck in between no matter what I do. But I have just gotten tired of the oh pity me. I want to look at it in a more positive view even if it it'

  4. oh, and try reading the "I.S. (Insexaulity) Manga" thread. The good news is this is a friendly forum to ask these kind of questions...

  5. my aim id is numbalum if you need to talk...

  6. Also, getting counseling from a therapist is a very safe way of working through these issues. Finally, if you just need some one to talk to, I can be a good listener.

  7. Have you read the "Mentally: What is MALE & what is FEMALE?, seriously" and "What sex/gender/orientation are you?, Just for the sake of curiosity" threads?

    Many people on this forum have the gender test at


    to be extremely insightful. Also, getting counseling from a therapist is a very safe way of workin

  8. Wow, you managed to get SS disability. We've been told our 19 year (aspergers) is eligable, and I'd love to be able to talk to you offline about it!

  9. guess its time to get a new aim id. I'm on aim now, just aim numbalum. Aim can be downloaded (even for linux yea!) at http://dashboard.aim.com/aim

  10. booting linux off of CD? The version of linux I've been running has been to big to let me do that for years. BTW, I guess that means that selunix didn't help your security. Are you at least running the firewall? And what kernel are you running? BTW, my aim id is numb_alum. Could you e-mail me yours so we could talk?

  11. What version of linux are you running? I'm running FC 7 on an HP AMD 6 that dual boots into XP.

  12. Guess I learned something today:

    Don't post to the forum during the day, this is when the high schoolers tend to be on.

  13. OK. Just remember I'll listen even if all you need is to blow off some steam.

  14. Sorry to have bothered you, I should just have put creative on ignore and taken the discussion off topic.

  15. Do you need someone to talk to? I'm told I'm a good listener.

  16. Amy

    Sorry to bother you about creative. I wasn't aware of the ignore feature at the time, but I'll use that instead.

  17. quote from cyberranger89:

    Emily gets her revenge on Ash by going out with a real man? And Ash gets his revenge on Emily by going out with a real women. Wow this just keeps getting better. And Aiden ends up running off with Missi. Leaving to two to wallow in self pity. Pass the popcorn please.

  18. Amy

    rhiannon_s thinks that

    somone posted a very good fan-pic of male ash trapped in a mirror. Could you help me find out who or where it was posted?

  19. Amy

    any insight as to when the chat room tends to be occupied?

  20. Wow... I hope your able to continue to hang in there. Your courage to share the insights you've been forced to gain is remarkable.

    Looks like you have many friends here.

    Please don't be afraid to contact me if you need to talk to someone who's a good listener.