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  1. I've got a feeling. That tonight was indeed a good night.

  2. Happy birthday, m'dear!

  3. Happy Birthday y'old fart!

  4. Alright, I bite. It's quite a sight, this fright I might invite this night. Alright, in sight I light his plight and might tonight recite a quite long fight.

  5. Guard your soul well. There are thieves about.

  6. Had something to say... forgot. Remembered. Jumped quickly to your profile to write it before I.... forgot.


  7. I'm working on a fix to our lack of a suitable web chatroom. I'm using the AjaxIM platform, since it's free... and I figure I'll just delve into the docs and figure out how to set up permanent rooms.

  8. *Points into woods* There!

    *keeps pointing*

    There wolf.