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  1. Hey dude, how's things?

    Just caught up on Misfile this year, kinda glad I stopped since practically nothing's moved in half a year.

  2. How you been bro?

  3. dude been a while

  4. I love your new avi! Just awesome... :D

  5. Hey bro I'm living in kansas now you should text me some time bud 3303679325

  6. lying flat on my back in bed with a notebook on my belly and my head tilted against a cold wall while reading Misfiled Dreams and browsing NL will make reading the morning paper tomorrow so much more fun! Assuming I can keep my neck straight despite the neck pains I'll have by then... :P

  7. Chrisstmas break is comin in about 2 weeks!During that time you can tell me all about it over skype. :)

  8. hi Seph! How ya doin? Last time I saw you was... during the world soccer championships!

    Looks like I might be coming to Kansas/Kentucky/Indiana after all... I'll tell you more about that over email the next time i'm updating my inbox. ;)

    My homework is killing me! :(

  9. Eh like i said i don't get annoyed by it i just laugh at it. :D

  10. On one hand, I get where they're coming from. On the other, I'm like, dudes, Emily acts pretty much the exact same way. It's the hypocrisy that annoys me.

  11. Hell yeah!Missi lovers fo life! *fist pound*

    Personally i love reading all the missi hate it's so amusingly funny.

  12. Hey, thanks for the friend-ing. It's nice to know I'm not the only person who doesn't think Missi is the Anti-Christ for daring to be a teenage girl.

  13. "The spirit carries OOONNNN!!!!!!!!!!!"

  14. lol no i was up late last night :P

  15. You're up awfully early! :P

    it's gotta be like, 1.20 am over in TX