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  1. How you been bro?

  2. Chrisstmas break is comin in about 2 weeks!During that time you can tell me all about it over skype. :)

  3. Eh like i said i don't get annoyed by it i just laugh at it. :D

  4. Hell yeah!Missi lovers fo life! *fist pound*

    Personally i love reading all the missi hate it's so amusingly funny.

  5. "The spirit carries OOONNNN!!!!!!!!!!!"

  6. lol no i was up late last night :P

  7. That teaser is awesome,but you forgetits just sephiroth on here lol:P to much so co aye?lol!

  8. Cool bro thanks!

  9. i don't see why not.

  10. yah i know that dude but i still hate that book and movie :P.

  11. I am nothin like tose emo's from that book. :P