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    Things of vehicular nature, animu and mango.

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  1. Lol, I put my anime/manga related collections anywhere that I have the space. People who enter my room must know that I'm an otaku.

  2. Oh my god - talk about a lag in response - now I'm late! I trust the infection has passed by now?

    So while I was pondering your reply, I was starting to wonder: where on earth does one store 500 bucks worth of collectible figurines and all the other stuff? :P

    Then again, this is better than spending it all on booze I guess... :D

  3. Hey, sorry about the lag in response, I've been meaning to reply, but a horrible head cold/throat infection has been keeping me confined to bed lol. Anyway, A-thon 17 was actually my first convention, and I found $500 wasn't enough to go, but I'm a collector, so I like my figures and DVD sets lol. I've just initiated aggressive saving, so hopefully I'll have a bigger budget next time round.

  4. Hello Thai! I just popped in to say that I enjoyed watching the videos you got on your Youtube channel. :D

    So you got me wondering, just how often do you visit these anime conventions? I would love to go to just one myself one day.

    Also, 500 bucks is a lot so spend at any convention if you ask me! But hey what do I know right? :P


  5. Lol, I made that pretty much just for a laugh. After your response to my post I had been trying to get the phone to actually fail the way it did in the video. Took forever, but I got it! :D

  6. interesting Youtube video you made. I was kind of curious what was wrong with your phone that made you want to have another phone :D

    I'll see about making a video myself. I just reinstalled my Sony notebook and have regained access to my webcam!! yay! now making photos n videos is just 1 click away... :P

  7. Give the Youtube video thread a check when you get a chance.

  8. wishing the S2000 was winter capable...

  9. Faylen, or Fay-lin.

    You know, judging by your appearance and posts I expected you to be older, Thai-Kun.

    You are about as old as my sister, whereas I estimated you were older than I am. I like that!

  10. Quick question! How would you actually pronounce your screen name?

  11. Thanks! Oh the looks I got with that thing carrying it around in public lol

  12. Nice profile photo, Thai-Kun!

    and the lightsaber definitely earns you bonus points in my book. :D

  13. so very tired...

  14. XD I very much appreciate it, I'll have to see what I've got for a budget, that's a hell of a long road trip lol. But! I shall remain optimistic :D

  15. Well, you can always crash on my couch to save monies. It's overstuffed! :D