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    "Owl Kill" , NJ
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    World of Warcraft level 74 Orc Warrior Phluffy on Undermine. Her Guild is "The Loathed"; She is a Goblin Engineer 313/375, and Confederate Corrector, a Miner 375/375 and has an "Unarmed" combat rating of 345/345.Like most Orcs, She has a fondness for Bladed Weapons, but is also heavily into the Romance of Blunt Force Trauma.

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Ex-Y2K Code Warrior, Wannabe Logician, ENGLISH Language Usage Nerd, Cryptography and RPG gaming Nerd

Dabbling in Things-Men-Were-Not-Ment-to-Know.

[ currently attempting to embed RSA Public Key Encryption and QRCodes in Skyrim.] Rebuilding an old Server into

Phluffy's  Armory, Lab-Bench, Wilderness Boot-camp,  Lodge, and Ecdysiast Studio.

This project is getting just a little out-of-hand.