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  1. Happy Birthday. TWEEE!

  2. Just being curious, what timezone do you live in? I notice when people check the forums and have a handle on most, but your all over the map. I am in the central timezone, but my job has me up before the sun, so I am surprised anyone is alive, much more awake when I am. Well just curious. Nick.

  3. Yes, there was an awful lot going on for a while there with all the singing and dancing.

    I do not really have an over all plan, just letting my OC's hang out while they are waiting for me to get back to their stories.


  4. Well, I will take it slow as far as action is concerned. A full blown forum adventure can easily take years and I am not sure of my outside time yet to make ghat large a commitment. But the bar still seams lively.

  5. re: Continuing. I was just hanging out. I can participate in whatever, I am sure. I am just incredibly inexperienced at the RP thing.

  6. I am all for continuing, I just don't want to try and pull someone out of another adventure.

  7. Is WIDE awake now thankyouverymuch

  8. Why, thank you very much.


  9. Happy birthday, m'dear!

  10. : is finally ready to go to sleep....

  11. Thanks the "Happy Birthday!" - you are officially the first to wish me "Happy Birthday" today, which is all of 1h17m old.


  12. Um.. pardon me for not searching more thoroughly to find the answer, but, are you still fencing?