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  1. Happy Birthday. TWEEE!

  2. Currently? I'm on break. Still finishing my Master. How about you?

  3. Thanks for friending me, silent watcher. To what do I awe the compliment? :)

  4. Seems like I am now!

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Hehe, nah, I was just being silly.^^ I'm fine, thanks. And you?

  7. Wir sind die Coolsten, wenn wir cruisen, wenn wir durch die City düsen...

  8. I feel like a comment. Here you go.


  9. With sprinkles?

  10. If you don't like to send your email through the board, my provider is "t-online.de". You should be able to figure the rest out.

    1. withonewing


      semmelchen @ telekom, dä äää xD

  11. Mira-Mira-doo, where are you?

  12. No worries. It's only a question of time.

  13. Help.

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    2. Bonesaw


      *pats the bun* Poor baby. Here hav a piece of chocolate, it helps.

    3. Arien Anwamanë

      Arien Anwamanë

      Can I have chocolate?

    4. eSemmel


      Mmh... Chocolate. Thanks. Sure, have one.

  14. Hey, big guy! Answer you messages. C'mon.

  15. has set his status.

  16. Weekends always wear me out.

  17. Tags don't work for comments? ... Just imagine a little box around that first sentence there.

  18. He [Ash] still has to pee sitting down, though.

    There are workarounds if you really, really want to.

  19. Happy Birthday to you, sadsappysucker.

  20. Hmm... You need more comments. Wait... Don't you have a device for that somewhere?