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    History, economics, alternative histories, high fantasy, Comics: manga; Veritas, Bleach, Naruto, Inuyasha; Sprite Comics; Bob and George, In Wily's defense, Megaman 3 DX, 000 Blues, Heroes INC; More Traditional Comics; Misfile, Gods Of Arrkelaan; sharp pointy objects, sci fi, guns, blacksmithing, God, linguistic diaspora, Plasma torches, welding, food, video games, Led Zepplin, Iron Maiden, Bruce Springstein, Metallica, Megadeth, ACDC, WolfMother, and other assorted music.

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  1. I apologize for misusing your profile :C

  2. So my computer says it has been blocked from Napalm Luck. I am currently at a public computer. Have I been banned, and if so for what reason?

  3. Your message system says you cannot receive new messages :(

  4. I'm on Gmail for a few minutes! :D

  5. My post average is still 3.42, implying that I posted like an acid induced monkey for quite a while :P

    1. Faye


      hmm that can't be healthy! :P

      no worries though - you could do much 'worse'. ;)

  6. I love you anyway :D Anyway, I found that one when I was looking for good techno, and I figured it had good enough lyrics to be an actual song rather then just a beat. I love that line: "You can never break me, I'm too strong"

  7. Actually that is a very decent song! I did have to listen to it twice to appreciate it more but now it's very enjoyable. :P

    I don't have many music recommendations for ya in return though. :( It's mostly just Sheryl Cole and the Beatles for me these days...

  8. ...Embarrassing song is embarrassing. The first 1.5 minutes are great though!


  9. Please feel better :o

  10. ! I haven't talked to you in weeeeeeeks! Send me a message telling me how your doing will yas?

  11. Ha! I caught you while you were online!

  12. You have been gone for a while, so I'm saying hi!

  13. Man, I hope things will get better for you quickly. I guess the start of the new academic year in a couple weeks will give you some distraction at least, but I know that doesn't make the situation any less weird.

    You know if you need someone to talk to, I'll make time for you anytime. Just let me know! :)

    Here's hoping that tons of good news are heading your way...

  14. God that is awful... all of it. The suicide must have been a shock, not to mention the death of your dog. She's the one in your photos on FB right? I'm so sorry for you! :(

    I'm curious as to what started that fight at work. Is it the pay, or working conditions, you know, that sort of thing? Or is it personal?

    I'm not sure I've heard of Steph before, but I take ...

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