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    History, economics, alternative histories, high fantasy, Comics: manga; Veritas, Bleach, Naruto, Inuyasha; Sprite Comics; Bob and George, In Wily's defense, Megaman 3 DX, 000 Blues, Heroes INC; More Traditional Comics; Misfile, Gods Of Arrkelaan; sharp pointy objects, sci fi, guns, blacksmithing, God, linguistic diaspora, Plasma torches, welding, food, video games, Led Zepplin, Iron Maiden, Bruce Springstein, Metallica, Megadeth, ACDC, WolfMother, and other assorted music.

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  1. God that is awful... all of it. The suicide must have been a shock, not to mention the death of your dog. She's the one in your photos on FB right? I'm so sorry for you! :(

    I'm curious as to what started that fight at work. Is it the pay, or working conditions, you know, that sort of thing? Or is it personal?

    I'm not sure I've heard of Steph before, but I take ...