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  1. I apologize for misusing your profile :C

  2. So my computer says it has been blocked from Napalm Luck. I am currently at a public computer. Have I been banned, and if so for what reason?

  3. Your message system says you cannot receive new messages :(

  4. My post average is still 3.42, implying that I posted like an acid induced monkey for quite a while :P

    1. Faye


      hmm that can't be healthy! :P

      no worries though - you could do much 'worse'. ;)

  5. I love you anyway :D Anyway, I found that one when I was looking for good techno, and I figured it had good enough lyrics to be an actual song rather then just a beat. I love that line: "You can never break me, I'm too strong"

  6. ...Embarrassing song is embarrassing. The first 1.5 minutes are great though!


  7. Please feel better :o

  8. ! I haven't talked to you in weeeeeeeks! Send me a message telling me how your doing will yas?

  9. Ha! I caught you while you were online!

  10. You have been gone for a while, so I'm saying hi!

  11. I have been... weird. Things have been really really odd at work lately; In order of weirdness: 1. Just litterally got back ten minutes ago from a candle light vigil for a coworkers daughter who committed suicide. 2. Steph moved to Seattle. 3. Am currently at war with the cleaning agency at my work. 4. My dog died three weeks ago.

    Its been weird man. You?

  12. LoL you Cad! Trying to trick me back into Napalm Luck are you????

    Okay! I will make some appropriate comments and try to be on more often; works just tough!

  13. Ouch, hope the Beam Juice has worn off by then :o

  14. I bet you kick that rational algebra's ass!

  15. wonders if Jesus saw his shadow when he left the cave if he would have gone back in...

  16. Go on gmail!

  17. Spiffman! I vote you most likely to end up a moderator on the forum!

  18. lol, we are each other's latest visitors!

    Your interests should be: being arbitrarily hotter then other people

  19. Yeah, the hat is my signature! I also have several other awesome hats, because hats>no hats. And yes, 1989 was a fantastic year! Most of my friends were born around then :D

  20. Probably when I find a picture I like of myself (never lol).

    Okay, I will search for one.