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  1. I like your new avatar! Is it Hawai'i themed?

    1. Busted


      Not particularly. Just nuts.

  2. Thanks! Yours is /very/ colorful. I like! I'm going to mimic it sometime soon.

  3. Aww.... That's a cute piggy!

  4. Happy birthday miss! May many more future episodes of MLP await you. :D

  5. Thanks! I'm rather fond of it myself, too. :)

    I can't seem to place your profile picture. Who is the lady in it?

  6. I can't believe I never added you to my friends list before! o.O

  7. I was wondering the other day - did you manage to find a job after all? :)

  8. Happy b-day Huginn! :D

  9. Hi Alisha! It's been a while. How are you? :D

  10. Howdy Refugee! Your haircut looks good on you. :D

  11. I love your new avi! Just awesome... :D

  12. LOL! You know her name is Silri, from the Star Wars expanded universe. I got my first screen name here from her. :D

  13. Aaaah! I see. You know I forgot to look up Vocaloid earlier but wow that is a nice piece of software! Like, the Bink Video among voice synthesizers.

    And yeppers, Kagamine Rin sounds as cute as she looks. :P

  14. Thanks! Her name's Silri, which was my screen name here for well over a year until you showed up. :)

    I'd been meaning to say, your new profile pic looks so cute! I could just eat her... :P

    Where's she from? Same as your avi perhaps?

  15. How's it going Alisha? :D

  16. I'm on Gmail for a few minutes! :D

  17. Will do! And that is a sad status update - I hope you feel better soon! I'll write you soon in any case. :)

  18. Hi Ariana! And thankyou!! That is always nice to hear. :D Your avatar is really cute too, from which comic is she?

    Yes there's more guys than girls on these forums, unfortunately! :o Though there ia always Harri and Aleph, and us! hehe

    Let me look up your intro thread. I tend to loose track of those. What made you decide to read Misfile and join NapalmLuck?

  19. oki you have fun! :D

  20. Sure! Or you could email me - my address is in my profile info. ^.^ I'm usually up for a chat when I'm online so feel free to say hi anytime. :)

  21. lol personal reasons! :D

    If you want to know more, I could PM you I guess? I'm tired and not 100% sober atm but ask me another time and I'll say more. ;)

  22. i was looking for gender bender stories, I think. I had just finished 'From Within' by Victoria Jefferies (which is surprisingly hard to find on the Web) and must of found a link to Misfile somewhere. I think. :P

  23. Thankyou!! ^.^

    It's an adaptation of a drawing by Aimo. She's cute isn't she?

    Where's your avatar from? And what drew you to Misfile? :D


  24. Holy Cow, it's eSemmel! How's it going?

    And what city is that you're walking through? :P

    Because if it's Dutch I'll have to say hi! hee hee

  25. Faye

    Hi Oisin! I'm just curious, what does your new avatar mean? (or, where is it from?)

    Take care, ~Fal