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  1. I like your new avatar! Is it Hawai'i themed?

    1. Busted


      Not particularly. Just nuts.

  2. Thanks! Yours is /very/ colorful. I like! I'm going to mimic it sometime soon.

  3. Aww.... That's a cute piggy!

  4. Happy birthday miss! May many more future episodes of MLP await you. :D

  5. Thanks! I'm rather fond of it myself, too. :)

    I can't seem to place your profile picture. Who is the lady in it?

  6. I can't believe I never added you to my friends list before! o.O

  7. I was wondering the other day - did you manage to find a job after all? :)

  8. Happy b-day Huginn! :D

  9. Hi Alisha! It's been a while. How are you? :D

  10. Howdy Refugee! Your haircut looks good on you. :D

  11. I love your new avi! Just awesome... :D

  12. LOL! You know her name is Silri, from the Star Wars expanded universe. I got my first screen name here from her. :D

  13. Aaaah! I see. You know I forgot to look up Vocaloid earlier but wow that is a nice piece of software! Like, the Bink Video among voice synthesizers.

    And yeppers, Kagamine Rin sounds as cute as she looks. :P

  14. Thanks! Her name's Silri, which was my screen name here for well over a year until you showed up. :)

    I'd been meaning to say, your new profile pic looks so cute! I could just eat her... :P

    Where's she from? Same as your avi perhaps?

  15. How's it going Alisha? :D

  16. I'm on Gmail for a few minutes! :D

  17. Will do! And that is a sad status update - I hope you feel better soon! I'll write you soon in any case. :)

  18. Hi Ariana! And thankyou!! That is always nice to hear. :D Your avatar is really cute too, from which comic is she?

    Yes there's more guys than girls on these forums, unfortunately! :o Though there ia always Harri and Aleph, and us! hehe

    Let me look up your intro thread. I tend to loose track of those. What made you decide to read Misfile and join NapalmLuck?

  19. oki you have fun! :D

  20. Sure! Or you could email me - my address is in my profile info. ^.^ I'm usually up for a chat when I'm online so feel free to say hi anytime. :)

  21. lol personal reasons! :D

    If you want to know more, I could PM you I guess? I'm tired and not 100% sober atm but ask me another time and I'll say more. ;)

  22. i was looking for gender bender stories, I think. I had just finished 'From Within' by Victoria Jefferies (which is surprisingly hard to find on the Web) and must of found a link to Misfile somewhere. I think. :P

  23. Thankyou!! ^.^

    It's an adaptation of a drawing by Aimo. She's cute isn't she?

    Where's your avatar from? And what drew you to Misfile? :D


  24. Holy Cow, it's eSemmel! How's it going?

    And what city is that you're walking through? :P

    Because if it's Dutch I'll have to say hi! hee hee

  25. Hi Oisin! I'm just curious, what does your new avatar mean? (or, where is it from?)

    Take care, ~Fal