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  1. Oh my god - talk about a lag in response - now I'm late! I trust the infection has passed by now?

    So while I was pondering your reply, I was starting to wonder: where on earth does one store 500 bucks worth of collectible figurines and all the other stuff? :P

    Then again, this is better than spending it all on booze I guess... :D

  2. Actually that is a very decent song! I did have to listen to it twice to appreciate it more but now it's very enjoyable. :P

    I don't have many music recommendations for ya in return though. :( It's mostly just Sheryl Cole and the Beatles for me these days...

  3. Hello Thai! I just popped in to say that I enjoyed watching the videos you got on your Youtube channel. :D

    So you got me wondering, just how often do you visit these anime conventions? I would love to go to just one myself one day.

    Also, 500 bucks is a lot so spend at any convention if you ask me! But hey what do I know right? :P


  4. Hi Otter!

    Yeah I figured it was time for a change of name.

    How's it going? I should check out your art thread & website sometime!


  5. interesting Youtube video you made. I was kind of curious what was wrong with your phone that made you want to have another phone :D

    I'll see about making a video myself. I just reinstalled my Sony notebook and have regained access to my webcam!! yay! now making photos n videos is just 1 click away... :P

  6. lying flat on my back in bed with a notebook on my belly and my head tilted against a cold wall while reading Misfiled Dreams and browsing NL will make reading the morning paper tomorrow so much more fun! Assuming I can keep my neck straight despite the neck pains I'll have by then... :P

  7. i see you put up a profile picture. Nice photo!

  8. Faylen, or Fay-lin.

    You know, judging by your appearance and posts I expected you to be older, Thai-Kun.

    You are about as old as my sister, whereas I estimated you were older than I am. I like that!

  9. Nice profile photo, Thai-Kun!

    and the lightsaber definitely earns you bonus points in my book. :D

  10. hi Seph! How ya doin? Last time I saw you was... during the world soccer championships!

    Looks like I might be coming to Kansas/Kentucky/Indiana after all... I'll tell you more about that over email the next time i'm updating my inbox. ;)

    My homework is killing me! :(

  11. Thanks! I'm sure it's gonna be awesome. I loved all courses on software engineering (programming, modeling, requirements engineering, you name it) and got curious about security about a year ago? So i'll just wait and see.

  12. Nice profile picture! I am a bit envious of your computer security knowledge, but I'm glad I got a course about just that in uni later this year. Looking forward to 'em! ^.^

  13. Man, I hope things will get better for you quickly. I guess the start of the new academic year in a couple weeks will give you some distraction at least, but I know that doesn't make the situation any less weird.

    You know if you need someone to talk to, I'll make time for you anytime. Just let me know! :)

    Here's hoping that tons of good news are heading your way...

  14. God that is awful... all of it. The suicide must have been a shock, not to mention the death of your dog. She's the one in your photos on FB right? I'm so sorry for you! :(

    I'm curious as to what started that fight at work. Is it the pay, or working conditions, you know, that sort of thing? Or is it personal?

    I'm not sure I've heard of Steph before, but I take ...

  15. Weee - it worked! :D

    I was mostly curious how you were though hehe

  16. LOL i was gonna say 'P.S. this is not an attempt to get you to come back here and tell us how you're doing.' ;)

  17. HELP TV!

    Everyone here is getting smarter so fast that I feel threatened! First eSemmel starts speaking Math, now Aleph turns hyper intelligent... Being handsome hardly counts anymore these days!

    So get back here, ASAP. Please? (*puppy eyes!*) My ego and I can't contain this situation without your insight! :P


    P.S. This...

  18. Faye

    Hi aleph! you care to tell us what your hobbies are after all? :D

  19. I love your avi! Is that your cat? :D

  20. Had a rough day? :P

  21. You're up awfully early! :P

    it's gotta be like, 1.20 am over in TX

  22. I'll make a start on that sig pic now that I'm actually AWAKE!!! (can you blame me after downing half a bottle of SoCo last night? LOL)

  23. You got it! I think i'll browse some comics tonight and see what inspiration the Muse of Signatures provides me with. ;)

  24. Are I to fluff thine signature up with a an additional creation?

  25. Looks like we share an interest. :P (cookies?)