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About Me

the character in the avatar is some one from a Japanese game Ignis Jingai Makyo(since i always wonder where characters are from i put this down)

I am using her as the visual for a RP character of my own named Vanya Nar that is worming her way into all of my rpg videogames.

Since she is essentially a female version to my male alter ego Beleg i thought putting her as my avatar would be appropriate for this forum. I am genetically a male and think of myself as one I just like to sometimes use female characters in roleplay games.


My favorite games are rpgs and i seem to be tranistioning to female characters there


I love a good story and it is the main draw of such games


(for some reason i find the need to clarify this if any one take offence i am sorry)

Vanya is a character i designed for a RP forum as a substitute to a vampire character(since i have some moral issues to portraing one) who along with her little friend/servent/famliar person have taken on a life of there own i really can't stop them now and i don't really want to either


i don't really have a problem with people droping me a line on xbox live i am always looking for a group to talk to or play with though my games are limited