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  1. is away for a while, probably slaying princesses and saving beautiful dragons.

    1. eSemmel


      Quite a long while... found your dragon yet?

  2. is away for a while, probably slaying princesses and saving beautiful dragons.

  3. Good weekend actually. :) Didn't do too much, but that can be a welcome break from doing stuff all the time. Do you have any fun plans for Thanksgiving?

  4. Welcome to Napalmluck, derazor! Nice to have you here. :)

  5. New keyboard, eh?

  6. Did I inadvertently kill the Misfile Bar & Grill? .... :(

  7. We have almost the same birthday!!!

  8. Still looking at alternate board skins?

    Indecisive much?


  9. No comments?


  10. I also came across misfile through TvTropes. :) I've lost more hours to that site than should be allowed.

    I'm still working on misfiled dreams, but I really really love it so far.

  11. Welcome to Napalm Luck!

    Hope you stick around.

    Oh, and don't worry about the loss of your soul, stuff like that happens all the time here.

  12. I wonder why it lets you comment on your own profile...

  13. Yeah I managed to sleep in today too. :) It was a nice change.

  14. Hey Aleph! Welcome to the Misfile forums!

  15. Give into the pressure! Set your status!

  16. Thats the one! So how did your day go?

  17. I just noticed the cave story characters in your sig. ;)

  18. Ohai. That small line of text told me to say hello to you, so I decided it was fate. :) Hello!

  19. http://www.napalmluck.com/index.php?showtopic=6143&hl=pins&st=20

    Here you go! This is almost all of them. Just scroll down a bit and you should see them. :) Hope to see you more often on the forum!

  20. Welcome to the forums!! :) How are you doing?

  21. Ah i see. How is it over there? I've only been a few times.