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  1. Doing bleagh lecture notes. Planning stories. Writing a oneshot. Tee hee.

  2. You need more updates.

  3. I'm *hic* not on your friends list either!!

  4. I admit to nothing. :D

  5. I wondered where you disappeared to during that one minute you weren't posting.

  6. *whistles innocently*

  7. Did you enlist GreenSun's aid to ramp up your post count in our Rec Room showdown? :P

  8. No idea what you're talking about. ^_^

  9. Y'know, I was just noticing that I'm not in your friends list, either...Yet you are in mine. What's up with that?

  10. That's what I thought

  11. ... um. Okay. That's odd.

  12. Actually I'm trying to figure out how you don't have me listed...

  13. I have... and you accepted

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