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  1. Doing bleagh lecture notes. Planning stories. Writing a oneshot. Tee hee.

  2. I admit to nothing. :D

  3. *whistles innocently*

  4. No idea what you're talking about. ^_^

  5. ... um. Okay. That's odd.

  6. Ah, that. Eh, send me a friend request. I'm not sure how.

  7. Aww, that's not true! You're just fun to tease, that's all. ^_^

  8. Aleph

    Kyaa! I shall steal Don's profile comment vi- uh, no, actually, not saying that. See? I CAN tell when it's better not to say something! :P

    Yeah, seriously though, keep up the posting! Pretty soon you'll pass me if you keep this up! ^_^

    I'll still totally be cooler, though. :P

  9. Giving Bound to Tasha-sama. Her favourite, and her birthday's on Sunday. Which reminds me, I should really buy her choccy too at some point...

  10. Yay! ^_^ I bought Bound today. Most teh cool and smexy.

  11. Don't worry Mira! I believe you're a boy! ^_^

    And enjoy Britain, it's nice when it's not raining.

  12. has moar dakka. Beware.