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  1. is feeling the Burn...or is that Burning the Feel?

  2. is feeling cheated that HR has now decided to be serious about the policy of using the Internet for Work Purposes Only...meh.

  3. is feeling SOOO lucky that he gets to blatantly slack off at work!

  4. Consider me a new fan, too. Well, except that I'm OLD... ;)

  5. Thanks for carrying your editing powers sweeping up my mess on TVTropes, too. :)

  6. Hey there! I see we're in the same neck of the woods, and have similar travel agents (I'm one of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children, not active though), and thought I'd be friendly. Welcome!

  7. does not have Georgia on his mind. Armenia, maybe...

  8. I like to read, and you help with that; thank you! :)

  9. is a symbol. Of what, is anyone's guess...