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    Roller derby, stained glass, auto repair, car racing.

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  1. Glad to see you back. Plan on hanging around long?

  2. Happy birthday. :) We miss you.

  3. Hey, I wanted to PM you with some anime suggestions, but your PM box is full or something?

  4. check your DA comments.


    I liked your art I saw here so I thought I'd check out your DA.

  5. Hey there, you got a Deviantart?

  6. XD I very much appreciate it, I'll have to see what I've got for a budget, that's a hell of a long road trip lol. But! I shall remain optimistic :D

  7. Well, you can always crash on my couch to save monies. It's overstuffed! :D

  8. Lol, I've got my fingers crossed for it, I kinda suck with money, so hopefully I'm able to scrounge together enough cash for it :P

  9. Fun seeing you over on Take a Lemon. :)

  10. Can't wait for you to head on out here to Minneapolis next year. :D

  11. Thanks! I'm sure it's gonna be awesome. I loved all courses on software engineering (programming, modeling, requirements engineering, you name it) and got curious about security about a year ago? So i'll just wait and see.

  12. Computer security is one of the most exciting parts about working with them. You're going to have a blast with it!

  13. Nice profile picture! I am a bit envious of your computer security knowledge, but I'm glad I got a course about just that in uni later this year. Looking forward to 'em! ^.^