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  1. Ex-Y2K Code Warrior, Wannabe Logician, ENGLISH Language Usage Nerd, Cryptography and RPG gaming Nerd

    Dabbling in Things-Men-Were-Not-Ment-to-Know.

    [ currently attempting to embed RSA Public Key Encryption and QRCodes in Skyrim.] Rebuilding an old Server into

    Phluffy's  Armory, Lab-Bench, Wilderness Boot-camp,  Lodge, and Ecdysiast Studio.

    This project is getting just a little out-of-hand.

    1. Cobra


      Kim: I've loved Phluffy's Armory, Wilderness Boot-camp, Lodge and Ecdysiast Studio ever since the first time she invited me to participate. It is a bit rigorous for a human. We always hunt naked, as is only proper for a predator, so the ecdysiast training comes in handy and Phluffy, I've seen your eyes dilate whenever I strip for the hunt, so don't even try to deny it. I'm just lucky that in deference to my relatively. . . delicate construction, shall we say. . . I'm allowed shoes and a knife. I'm not sure a mere human could survive it otherwise.

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