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kKgx6qV.png Some revisions are in progress. Stay tuned.
If you're wondering, I'm a girl, but you wouldn't know it because I'm built like a boy. I was born a boy, I look like a boy and I am a boy... and I'm a girl. In modern terms, I think I'm genderfluid but the trouble with the new nomenclature is that there's almost too many choices so maybe I'm bi-gender, instead. Let it be enough to say that I'm both a girl and a boy. Naturally I was raised as a boy, but even as a youngster I wondered if I was supposed to be a girl and I sometimes wanted to be a girl. It's not much different now. I like being male, but sometimes I ache to be a girl, a fully realized girl, dressing as a girl, acting like a girl and living in all ways as a girl. All I want is... everything! :P But it's impossible of course.

You may wonder why I never considered gender change. Well it didn't seem to apply to me, and it wasn't really as much of a thing back then. It didn't have even as much mindshare as it does now. It existed, of course, Walter Carlos of Switched on Bach fame became Wendy back then, but the way I remember it, it was seen, if it was seen at all, as extreme and rare, and frequently something to be made fun of if not belittled as well. Besides, I'm gender fluid. I'm not sure it would have helped me then, nor am I certain it would help me now. As a male genderfluid, if that's the right way to put it, I may sometimes ache to be a girl, but I like being a guy, too. I move back and forth over the spectrum all the time. That sounds like the definition of gender fluid to me. Since I'm already wanting the impossible, what I would really like is to have grown up as a tomboy girl. I was envious of the tomboy girls I knew; they seemed to have something closer to what I wanted for myself.


If you're wondering about Mistress Kim, she's me in my female aspect. I'm known as Cobra, but "she" has her own name and her own avatar based on the cartoon character Kim Possible which she plays around with a lot. I like her. She's cute, clever and snarky, not to say subtly sexy (that last having been toned down for Disney's intended audience) but I'm bawdier and more profane then the cartoon Kim. She may have the sense of humor of a 14-year-old girl, but she has a grownup's knowledge and experience -- a dangerous (and fun) combination! Cobra generally manifests here as a car, usually a Shelby Cobra, though currently as a Shelby Cobra-shaped cake thanks to a birthday post by Arien. "He" hasn't found a male image that feels right. Maybe a good anime artist could make one. If you're wondering, "we" aren't really two people, we're different aspects of one person, but it'll come across as though I'm two people because my thoughts resemble a dialog when described for others.

Well since the recent "upgrade" to the board software, Cobra's come out with a non-car avatar for the first time as well as some gender fluid themed endtags for our posts to the board (since we don't have signatures anymore). The avatar, seen on my profile page, is from one of those tags, this one, stolen uh. . . borrowed from El Goonish Shive:


or its alternate,


And since we're one in the same, there will also be Kim-themed tags starting with a Kim dual identity graphic,


look for other tags still to come.

The Kim Rogues Gallery

Sorry, the full exhibit is temporarily unavailable. Photobucket wants $400/year to
provide 3rd party hosting. That's much too much for my limited use of that feature.
The full exhibit will return after I switch to a more affordable provider.

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