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  1. Doctorate still loading, progress now at 90%...

  2. Doctorate 75% complete! 7500 posts and counting...

  3. Wooohooo! Seven thousand posts! My doctorate is getting closer, steadily and surely...

  4. Five thousand posts today! Halfway to Doctorate in just under a year!!

    1. Huginn


      Congratulations, Arianna!

  5. I'd kinda figured everyone would catch my B-day, but you remembered the cupcakes! ^_^

  6. How could I forget your B-day? You're one of the best peoples on this forum imo. I've got this day marked on my calendar. ;)

  7. Happy birthday. May your day be one filled with wonder and joy. :)

  8. Happy birthday, Ari!

  9. I'm still developing Caitlin's story, but I haven't written any more actual prose on it, though. Mostly outlines, and brainstorm notes on where the story will ultimately go.

  10. Are you continuing with the writing?

  11. How's the story rewrite coming? I'm looking forward to seeing how you've addressed the problems that came up. :)

  12. New avi and profile pic! Mireille Bouquet, from the anime series Noir.

    1. Busted
    2. SidVicious


      One of my favorites!

  13. My 2500th post today! *ding* Achievement unlocked: Grad Student

  14. New favorite hangout, second only to NL is #misfile over at irc.nightstar.net!

  15. I'm baaaaack! *evil grin*

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