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  1. Exactly one month to Junior Status! Yay, me!

    1. megaxy


      Congratulations, my Lady

    2. Arianna


      Thank you, thank you!

  2. New avi and profile pic! Mireille Bouquet, from the anime series Noir.

    1. Busted
    2. SidVicious


      One of my favorites!

  3. I have been dubbed "The Countess of Pudding", which is cool...I do like pudding!

  4. +1 "Protected by Aleph" gained!

    1. Arianna


      Well, gained almost a week ago, but still gained, nonetheless!

  5. New avatar & pic, too. Rin suits me a bit better than Neru does.

    1. megaxy


      I dunno I always kinda liked Neru... but Rin's good too I guess

  6. One week and one day until Autumn is here again...My favorite time of year!

    1. Busted


      Have a good Equinox?

  7. Wow. I go on vacation for a few days, and Chris put up such a page that the forums practically explode!

    1. Arianna


      And I don't have near enough free time to keep caught up! *cries*

  8. Five thousand posts today! Halfway to Doctorate in just under a year!!

    1. Huginn


      Congratulations, Arianna!

  9. Welcome to the Earldom of Pudding!

  10. I'd kinda figured everyone would catch my B-day, but you remembered the cupcakes! ^_^

  11. Y'know, I was just noticing that I'm not in your friends list, either...Yet you are in mine. What's up with that?

  12. *waves* Hi! Over here! Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Howdy, friend!

  14. Howdy, friend!

  15. I see a new profile pic! Very cool!

    ...and kinda scary, too.

  16. She is the same as my avi, just a full body pic. This one is Kagamine Rin, another of the Vocaloid characters. To me, she has probably the best voice, especially in the hands of someone who really knows the software and what it's capable of.

  17. Cuffs without sleeves...Hrm, I don't really have a good answer there. It is pretty standard across a lot of the female Vocaloids, though.

  18. I'm still developing Caitlin's story, but I haven't written any more actual prose on it, though. Mostly outlines, and brainstorm notes on where the story will ultimately go.

  19. Wooohooo! Seven thousand posts! My doctorate is getting closer, steadily and surely...

  20. Doctorate 75% complete! 7500 posts and counting...

  21. Senior level, here I come!

  22. I'm a senior now! Yay!!!

  23. Slow day on NL today...I think I'm having withdrawls!

  24. Hello! Just returning the favor, as you did for me! :)

  25. Sad, somber day for the USA...Ten years ago, today.....