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    WoW, BF3, Reading, Working out, Firefighting, Paintball, Misfile, El Goonish Shive (EGS), Looking For Group(LFG), Ctrl+Alt+Del(CAD), Order of the Stick (OOTS).

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  1. Prety good, all things considerd in how my life is turning out atm lol

  2. Me, lil' shorty? Haha.

    Yeah I'm good thanks lol. And you?

  3. Orapac

    tried the email you gave me

  4. So yeah, he probably is lol. Im just a 'lil baby'.

    How my 'lil shortie' doing today?

  5. lol, how tall are you? Still not taller than I am :P...well probably not

  6. Fair enough, Seph is probably taller than me anyway :P

  7. ha, at 6 feet I refuse to be acknowledged as little lol

  8. Yep! Well Sephiroth's always been the baby IMO, he's like a little brother here :P

  9. Ha it's ok lol. I only started last month :P

  10. Aww sorry, I was 19 when I started out on here! Well I'm sure that's not true but still.

  11. Somehow I knew a patronizing comment would be the first :P In a few months you can say "Your only 21? A slight bigger baby!"

  12. You're only 20? A baby!

  13. Havin fun all day every day. Unless of course im at work or not lurking the forums ;)

  14. Hello. Hope you're having fun. :)

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