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  1. Hey Russ, seems like ages since i read you. How have you been?

  2. @dsb: The link to the picture can be found here.


    And I agree, the radio play is very good.

  3. I am currently mixing the fifth episode of the radioplay, and have started receiving lines for episode 6.

  4. nice radioplay! seriously, you've gotten me re-addicted to misfile!... damn you...


    when r u gonn a get arround to making another one? there awsome, and Rumisiel's voice is the best!

  5. Nice to see you over here! Do jump in and comment, if you find some free time.

  6. Don't mind me I'm just looking around (for my soul)

  7. Russ

    She is speaking of this one: http://www.misfile.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=toprated&cat=0&pos=4

    BTW, why do you have your personal messenger disabled? PMs are a much better way of sending messages than profile comments.

  8. Amy

    rhiannon_s thinks that

    somone posted a very good fan-pic of male ash trapped in a mirror. Could you help me find out who or where it was posted?

  9. Russ

    I find that the chat room is most likely occupied between about mid-afternoon to midnight, Eastern time.

  10. Amy

    any insight as to when the chat room tends to be occupied?

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