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  1. I have crushed your board, driven your souls before me and heard the lamentations of your women.

  2. is at the halfway mark through Eden of the East (tv series version).

    1. megaxy


      Is it any good?

  3. is pondering if you're pondering what he's pondering.

    1. SidVicious


      I think so, Iron. But me and Pippi Longstocking? I mean, what would the children look like?

  4. just banned multiple IP addresses for spamming the board.

  5. TY, for the badage

  6. is contemplating giving his broken Xbox a Viking funeral.

  7. is designing traps and hazards for the D&D campaign he'll probably never get to run.

  8. is catching up on everything left undone whilst he was in Vermont for 5 days.

  9. can't sleep. Carebears will get me...

  10. is debating what to do with VSMode.com.

  11. AWOL

    XD hahaha arry that took you forever to approve! how ya been hon? xo

  12. Still looking at alternate board skins?

    Indecisive much?


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