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  1. Great Forum Name! Is that how you joined , or did you change it more recently? [Either way NICE!] You've been quiet a long time. Welcome to the State of Insanity.

  2. Ex-Y2K Code Warrior, Wannabe Logician, ENGLISH Language Usage Nerd, Cryptography and RPG gaming Nerd

    Dabbling in Things-Men-Were-Not-Ment-to-Know.

    [ currently attempting to embed RSA Public Key Encryption and QRCodes in Skyrim.] Rebuilding an old Server into

    Phluffy's  Armory, Lab-Bench, Wilderness Boot-camp,  Lodge, and Ecdysiast Studio.

    This project is getting just a little out-of-hand.

    1. Cobra


      Kim: I've loved Phluffy's Armory, Wilderness Boot-camp, Lodge and Ecdysiast Studio ever since the first time she invited me to participate. It is a bit rigorous for a human. We always hunt naked, as is only proper for a predator, so the ecdysiast training comes in handy and Phluffy, I've seen your eyes dilate whenever I strip for the hunt, so don't even try to deny it. I'm just lucky that in deference to my relatively. . . delicate construction, shall we say. . . I'm allowed shoes and a knife. I'm not sure a mere human could survive it otherwise.

    2. BØmar


      Phluffy is a Lady in every sense of the word, [which is sometimes frankly frightening!] She's frightening in her own right I hasten to say, but when I see a little of her Aunt Lù dī in her I am reminded why I am both pleasantly terrified of, and madly IN love with that amazing Woman. [Please don't try.  You'll hurt yourself.  露滴, or "Dew Drop," will get you an adequate approximation on Google Translate, and she'll be flattered by any honest attempt. Do NOT, even if hear Phluffy or I do it, call her "Du-Dee" or any variation, until she asks you to, or your 2nd Family Visit. [You were Phluffy's guest last time.] You will not noticed the slightest change in her behavior, and I can tell you, from experience, Lù dī can't actually disembowel with her eyes. It just feels that way.

      [You don't seriously believe I was the disciplinarian here?!!]

      {"B0mar! You Flatterer! You still know how t'turn a girl's head! *purrrrrr*"}

      Relax! She likes you or you'd know it already. Phluffy's friends are my call anyway, and it is tougher to get Phluffy's respect then either of ours. [That *ahem* "dilation" you spoke of.] As long as you remember what you tell me you tell

      <"Ah gatha this is what passes f' Private Messages now? Good cause what happens at PALB-WB-LES, stays at...

      Day-um that IS a Mouthfull! ... Anyway! Ah need t'be clee-ah on a few things. Y'all are do'n FINE. Ah AM impressed with yoah fawm, -n- ya basic conditioning. That how-EH-vah was a Constitutional, a Run, not a 'Hunt.'  That  would imply wewa deliberately seeking out something that stood a chance of fighting back. Those were varmints we encountered, and not much moah then an annoyance. [Notice I bought food. They ah even useless for that - big-ah, ugly-ah, Smelly-ah ver-shuns a Bats, Rats, and Cockroaches.] Still only an idiot would go anywhere on foot he-ah without a weapon. That said, if Ah needed Jewelry [small Ahmz] Y'all wouldn't know I had it, -n- foah most ah the Varmints we were likely t'find awake, at that time in the morning, Ah AM a weapon. Still, what Ah found impressive were the restrictions Y'all put on y'self.

      I showed you the Ah-mah-ree be-foah we left. That im-plah'd Y'all could have taken any Ah-mah you can move in, -n- any Weapon you felt competent to wield. Ah understand Y'all wanting the reach of a Daggah over the Fist Weapons I gave you, but Y'all are fast and coordinated enough t' Dual Wield.

      Ah watched yoah eyes. Ah'm happy Y'all enjoyed y'self, but it could have been moah enjoyable for Y'all, -n- less a matter if 'Suh-viving,' if Y'all had a pra-pah Flail, oah Mace, oah Buck-la, oah Shield foah BASHing. I saw that look, moah then once, when we ran into 'Cockroaches.'

      If you want to 'Hunt,' We need t'do some serious training, and Y'all need pra-pah Ah-ma. I can  work with Y'all, but without some idea, Ah design foah what Ah THINK Y'all can move in comfortably. So-fah Ah got Nuth'n.

      Again impressive.">

  3. Dabbling in "Things-Man-was-not-ment-to-know."

  4. Dabbling in "Things-Man-was-not-ment-to-know."

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