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    Okinawa Japan
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    Bicycling, Anime, Books, Foreign and domestic film, Watching fire burn, Doing things the old way, and photography. I would love to get more into cars, but they cost so much.

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  1. Howdy Mr does not exist. Would you like some taco flavored doritos?

  2. Hello kami with a trade mark. Does that mean you’ve mastered the bureaucratic process or have been mastered by it?

  3. yah I'm bad about emptying that.

  4. DUDE empty your PM box, I need to ask you something....

  5. Enjoy your last days of summer!

  6. Happy Birthday XRATI!

  7. My little brother sat on my face once... I was asleep.... and woke in a fit of rage....

  8. faces are ok here. They liven up my bland home.

  9. I do alittle too much of the "^_^b" Sorreh...

  10. Heh, not a problem! ^_^b

  11. Thank you for the comment you sent me!

  12. Yaaay, more info! ^_^b

  13. Don't mind me I'm just looking around (for my soul)

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