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  1. Just being curious, what timezone do you live in? I notice when people check the forums and have a handle on most, but your all over the map. I am in the central timezone, but my job has me up before the sun, so I am surprised anyone is alive, much more awake when I am. Well just curious. Nick.

  2. Yes, there was an awful lot going on for a while there with all the singing and dancing.

    I do not really have an over all plan, just letting my OC's hang out while they are waiting for me to get back to their stories.


  3. Well, I will take it slow as far as action is concerned. A full blown forum adventure can easily take years and I am not sure of my outside time yet to make ghat large a commitment. But the bar still seams lively.

  4. re: Continuing. I was just hanging out. I can participate in whatever, I am sure. I am just incredibly inexperienced at the RP thing.

  5. I am all for continuing, I just don't want to try and pull someone out of another adventure.

  6. Great Signature! I remember doing that poem as a piece in Forensics (competitive acting)! I love the mans work.

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