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  1. Happy Birthday. TWEEE!

  2. Writing. Looking for actual work. Stealing ideas. And most importantly, designing cool stuff.

  3. Currently? I'm on break. Still finishing my Master. How about you?

  4. How goes life in the bowels of high-level physics?

  5. Thanks for friending me, silent watcher. To what do I awe the compliment? :)

  6. Seems like I am now!

  7. Y U not on friends list?

  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. Hehe, nah, I was just being silly.^^ I'm fine, thanks. And you?

  10. Holy Cow, it's eSemmel! How's it going?

    And what city is that you're walking through? :P

    Because if it's Dutch I'll have to say hi! hee hee

  11. Wir sind die Coolsten, wenn wir cruisen, wenn wir durch die City düsen...

  12. I feel like a comment. Here you go.


  13. With sprinkles?

  14. If you don't like to send your email through the board, my provider is "t-online.de". You should be able to figure the rest out.

    1. withonewing


      semmelchen @ telekom, dä äää xD

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