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    Music, theater, Zelda, my Chevy, video games
  1. WOW! I'm FINALLY back from having no computer and being in the AF BMT. I got hurt, so I was discharged. Got married and will be heading off to Germany in about a month!

  2. hahaha I know same here and I'm so ready to get out of this house!!

  3. You're moving to seeeeeeee meeeeeeeeeee! Also I haven't been on here in a like forever!

  4. Ahhh i haven't been on here in forever!! my laptop is broken... mobile web sucks.

  5. just posted up some links to my art!!!

  6. Hello, wrench-throwing girl ^^

  7. hey - sorry laptop died - get back on fb

  8. oh yeah? tree blood. that's what's up.

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