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  1. I look forward to posting again. I love this web comic. I ask for forgiveness for my selfish actions of mistakes here. I can only learn and move on. I have been going thru hell myself of depression. This comic as brought out of me more. I want to see were Chris takes us. I just needed to step back and think more. I was not willing to and had be made to do so. I hope this craziness ends soon. So we can get back to things as before. Not normal as Misfile as ended. Only to go on to newer better things than before. Change is never taken good. I miss Ash and Emily very much. And I love learning more about the Misfile Universe with new characters to.

  2. I'm curious about where your avatar art comes from!

  3. Cobra, please, how are you breaking up quotes on the new board?

    Probably getting old, but I can't figure it out.

  4. Wow! I feel like I've been erased.

    1. BØmar


      <"Itz Unpleasently like being Drunk">

    2. Anna Rei

      Anna Rei

      Or both drunk and stoned. I feel I lost a day of my life. Which happens to me when I get both really drunk and stoned.

  5. The Kim Rogues Gallery is temporarily curtailed while I move it to a less costly provider.

  6. So how do you like anime me?

    1. Anna Rei

      Anna Rei

      Looks very cool. I like it very much. :P

  7. So summer's over and so is my Jungle Adventure and I'm trying out this anime concept portrait.

  8. Well, it's well and truly summer ('bout time) and Kim's oldschool mono is now de' rigueur.

  9. At last. Spring weather is here... now that it's practically summer.

  10. Even if I were the impossibly perfect combination of girl and boy, I'd still want to be fully female (or male) some of the time. That's me still wanting the impossible, please and thank you.

  11. To be the impossibly perfect combination of girl and boy, how cool would that be? Yeah, that's me, just wanting the impossible, please and thank you.

  12. She flies through the air with the greatest of ease; she swings into action as quick as you please.

  13. Can't tell ya' what Kim's smiling about. It's not that kind of forum.

  14. Of the people who say they like you for what you are, some really mean they like you as long as they think you are what they want you to be. Let them discover otherwise and it's cold shoulder time..

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