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    Anime/Manga, Scale Models, Miniatures, Webcomics, Writing, Japanese Language, Magic: the Gathering, Video Games, and lots of other random stuff. Oh, and Emily - She's got my vote.

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  1. Japanese Lessons seem to be off to a decent start! :)

  2. Enjoying conversation and making new friends!

  3. Selling and demoing games for JapAnime Hames in AZ. At least I have Asuka's autograph now, and I'm going to get it twice more! :)

  4. 僕らは今のなかで

  5. Clean out your PM box, Anna! I can't bug you until you do! ;)

  6. Emily, a 240SX, and some racing. GT5 tonight!

  7. Need to sleep. Insomnia sucks. At least there's Hulu.

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